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What we do

Against social conviction, that advertising agencies above all are engaged in graphic designing and planning the advertising campaign, we are happy to inform that our agency has much wider offer.

We produce

Production is very imporant branch of our activities, we are producting ads, prints, gadgets and exhibits.

We deliver

Every ordered or made product we will deliver directly to you or to indicated location with our own transportation or by specialized delivery company. Our montage group, after the delivery can also install it in indicated place.

We council

If you’re interested in ordering one of our products, our experienced team will advice you for free.

We are happy to welcome you on our website!:) Feel free to take a look at our offer containing free counsil and delivery.

Good team is key to success

We managed to create the team of specialists, who are passionate about their work. It allows us to guarantee the very high quality services. Our work and decisions are based on competencies of our experienced employees in managing zone, creativity and meticulousness in designing and preparing the ordered product.
We are constantly investing in modern technologies which guarantee high quality of our services. We are very open on sugesstions, so if you have any thoughts, please let us know 🙂
We hope knowledge we gained from years of experience will allow us to provide high class services.

We create something more than just a design

An advertisment, as a mean of communication must be effective. For it to be this way, it must be carefully designed with perfection.
We don’t believe there is some kind of pattern for solutions. Recipe for success is an idea and dedication into his realisation. We want to intrigue, and we are not afraid to use words or images to reach it, because designs must have a soul…

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Against social conviction, that adverising agencies above all are engaged in graphic designing and planning the advertising campaign, we are happy to inform that our agency has much wider offer 🙂

Process: From Contact into Realisation

Even though some of our clients are specialists in their own bussiness branches, sometimes it happens that they know very little about the process of running advertising campaign, or even the designing process. And what comes with it, a terminology, which agencies uses what can cause misinterpretation or disunderstanding. To make it more transparent we decided to present few terms we use in our agency every day and names of particular stages of formating the project, visualisation or the campaign.

Creating the brand

To create a brand or certain image of a company or person, it is necessary to guide the person’s attitude or company’s actions so it can become consistent with what recipients expects. It would be most recommendable for such attitude to not only be according to recipients liking, but also ethical in process of creating it through media. Creating the image is conscious action similar to self presentation. It allows us to present ourselves or our products, the way we want it to be seen. The brand itself doesn’t come from us directly, but from impression in recipients minds. It depends then from the perception of others, their ability to percept and evaluate, sensitivity to different kinds of incentives they receive.


This term comes from an english word „target group” which means the group of people that a policy or campaign is hoping to influence in some way. In advertising industry it would the group of people that you hope your products and advertising message would reach.
Generally, the main point of target is to establish which criteria should be met by the group of people that I’m hoping to reach with advertising campaign. We define such groups from psychographic and socio-demographic point of view. In first case the choice is made based on social or demographic conditions, f.e sex, age, state of wealth, property, education, region – place of residence etc.
If we were to describe it further on certain group, we would see that each has individual potential as customers. Example of this could be the dog owner’s, iPad’s users, pregnant womans, religious or motorcycling groups, etc..


The concept is nothing else than an original idea, to which whole project or its part is subordinated. It’s main task is to astonish, surprise, shock the recipient. For this goal, idea to be achieved, graphician uses a diverse range of graphical tools.
This word, Concept was used in literature and poetry of baroque era, which often specialised in creative, formal and ideological solutions.


Visualization in advertising industry most commonly takes place in graphic and computer environment. It is a method of illustrating an abstract concept, idea, using available visual measures (most commonly computer animation, spatial visualization or other means of expression). The purpose of visualization is to present to the client a physical image, a message, which is going to have a direct basis in reality. It allows for example, to show the client how the service he’s ordering is going to look, in place he chooses, still in the realisation process or in planning phase.


Brief is a document, basic form of communication between the company and the exterior agency.
Usually, the contact should start from it, if client intends to subcontract us any work projects or regulations. Brief has a very important role in marketing projects. While preparing for advertising campaign, it is the document, where client can and should save basic informations about his company’s, his situation, expectations and targets he wishes to achieve. Thanks to it, client can be perfectly understood, which experienced and creative agency like ours, can make very good use of.
Generally speaking, it is a concise and concrete describtion of order the client intends to subcontract us with. Another advantage the brief gives is that thanks to it, agency, that might not have been fully familiar with specification of product or business branch, is able to research and understand aspects of an order. It should contain: brief’s target, the purpose of it’s creation, results are expected to be achieved, which aspects are expected to be affected by our actions, f.e increase in sales, increased brand awareness, description of target groups, watchword of brand. Other important details that should be attached: short description of a product and advantages related with it, restrictions, expectations, planned budget, realisation time and rules regarding the acceptance of services.

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