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„Anywhere is good, but home is best…”

polish saying

Thanks to the technologies developing every day, new possibilities arise, and today, practically everyone can afford to have an original and interesting interior designs. In our agency you can order various products, e.g. stylishwall murals, 3D letters and motto’s suited to your liking. You can decorate your glass-door cabinet with various captivating ornaments and patterns or have yourself installed safe kitchen glass panels. Evertything that might help you fill the void in your house or your company. What is more, we also offer fotoboards, templates for painting, imprints on furnitures, mirrors and other, new creative possibilities.

„An expert is a man who has stopped thinking – he knows „

– Frank Lloyd Wright

An advertisement as a mean of communication must be effective. For it to be this way, it must be carefully designed with perfection.

We do not recognize  some kind of pattern for solutions. Recipe for success is an idea and dedication  into his realisation. We want to intrigue, and we are not afraid to use words or images to reach it, because designs must have a soul.

Graphic design is very important in our agency, therefore we always spend necessary amount lot time and energy to obtain what is desired by our client. We have invested in modern design technology and trained staff which allows us to provide complex ideas. It is also important to us what is happening to the design afterwards. And what comes into our agency; prepress and postpress preparations including technical details. Flexibility in various aspects including adapting to market changes and constant developments makes our agency shop offer up to date and attractive. Creativity,initiative and innovating thinking is what we implement on daily basis and believe are our biggest assets. As in designing adverstiments, websites and in variety of what our shop offer.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

– Henderson Stuart

Adverstisement as mean of communication must be effective. However not only design decides whether it will be successful or not. For advertisement to fulfill it’s duty it has to be produced according to EU standards.  Conception for advertisement must contain and bind idea as well as construction of it, making it very complex task, which requires flexibility and creativity. Newest standards has brought us new, modern, durable, ecological and energy-saving solutions.

Neon signs we build and install are mainly based on led 12V lighting, in durable plate, aluminum or dibond laser-cut covers in various structures and colors. To maintain our advertisements stylistically varied and interesting we use also wood, steel, twisted and forged rods, the plastics material; depending on created conception and branding. Elements that may be subject to rusting, are being coated with powder paint according to RAL colors.

To every construction realized by our agency there is prepared construction plan containing calculations necessary for possible wind zones, and appropriate weight especially if aren’t grounded but movable. Finished and ready to montage product, is being transported and placed by us according to client’s will; in ground and as well on roofs and facades. It applies also to large advertisements with supporting structure above 50 m2.

However, except the large format printings we offer also outer advertisements of little format, advertising displays, spatial advertisements, storefronts printings and vehicle printings, banners, information signboards, road signs, public transport adverstisements.

?„Writing and art are the only witnesses of times passing by.”

– Maria Dąbrowska

Thanks to the possibilities of UV printing, you can print on pen drives, lighters, plastic cards, pens, boxes, mugs, fabrics and variety of other products. UV printing machines can print on almost on any material, especially: plastic, glass, cotton, wood, ceramics etc. in extraordinary resolution about 3000. This includes the edges of an object and uneven surfaces. Thanks to the LED UV technology not only you get durable print, resistant to atmospheric conditions, but also flexible enough, to be perfect fit for  embossment.


„Writing and art are the only witnesses of times passing by.”

– Maria Dąbrowska

Folder, leaflet or business card as means of communiction they must fulfill it’s task. We can offer you  everything you need to build company’s image. Starting with a logo, as a basis of recognizability, through folders, calendars, and most time-consuming, made on order designs of catalogs, develop books SIW quality or stationery office. These are only the few of many products we have to offer from Printing section.

Often, these are the products, which decides about prestige and class of owner. The more interesting design of advertisement, the longer it will remain in people’s memory. . That’s why it’s so important for it to reflect company’s true character

There are no boundaries concerning  size or texture of a paper – the more unorthodox they are, the better. Do not limit yourself also with an amount of a product. Single copies are not trouble, they are the challenge. We don’t recognize universal solutions.

„Multimedia is style for one: complicated way of saying simple things, and for other simple way of saying complicated things”

– Jean Cocteau

In the age of computers and the Internet, in the days of the information society, you don’t have to convince anyone to this type of advertisement, since nowadays it has become a necessity to have a website. It is very effective and not expensive way of promoting yourself/ your company. That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s consistent with created image of your company, to reflect it’s soul. „Fine feathers make fine birds” – we need to remember, that people using only internet to judge one’s company, will only see that website, and whether it’s well made or not might be deciding.

Our agency offer complex service – from graphic design of a website to placing it on server, in search engines, google services, positioning, and administering the webiste.

You can now present your company’s offer in modern and effective way using multimedia presentations,

Trust us – we don’t recognize universal solutions.

„Presents are the same currency as any other.”

– Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Product with your company’s logo can serve as a nice present. Even better if it is functional, modern and creative. In our offer you can find most likely any gadget you might need, from writing goods, clothes, toys to kitchen or car equipment. Choice depends on the administered amount of money. Our offer also includes orders on single products, like t-shirt with with best wishes to your beloved person, ink pen or mug  with print-on are only little part of our shop offer. We offer fullcolor UV printing, laser engraver and mechanical engraving.

*****  In our online shop www.studioreklamy.com (menu in left part of it) you can find such gadgets as: Antistress products, baloons, hangings, home products, metal and plastic pens, pencils and crayons, pen-drives, electronics, cosmetics, shirts and hats, mugs, thermo mugs, flashlights, tools, notebooks and briefcases, silicone band, wallets, umbrellas, cups and statuettes, CDs, DVDs, wine boxes, leashes, sports equipment, bags, business card holders, toys, lighters, stamps, wall clocks, gift sets and many others.

„”You don’t need more creative solutions, you need more creative questions.”

– Andy Green

POS (eng. point of sale) actually: POSM (eng. point of sales materials) – materials supporting sale. This wording applies to variety of advertising mediums. In short, we can help your company to present itself well. e.g. on fairs, directly in building of your firm or service department. To accomplish this, you can visit POS section in our shop offer, where you can find many products best suited for this job, like rapid presentation systems (roll ups), advertising displays, showcases, wall murals, outer advertisements of little format, l/x banners, branding products for glasscase, aluminium sings. It’s one of the most devloping section in our offer.
Today it’s standard!

„Ad perpetuam rei memoriam” – For the perpetual remembrance of the thing ”

In our agency we can offer you laser or mechanical engraving with increments to the nearest of 0,01 mm. Engraving using these two modern devices allows to transfer whichever picture or letters on chosen material(fe.non-ferrous metals, plexi, PCV, wood, Engraving laminates, leather, materials anodized). Engravement prepared using these methods is characterised by high readability and durability. Even in case of engraving very small, microscopic areas, quality is very high.

We are ready and open to practically every idea, visit, call us and give a try, we will do anything we can. We can design original doorplate, quaint ID or commemorative souvenir? Our possibilities are endless. Our shop offer includes various interesting gadgets.

Feel free to visit our website and check the offer 🙂

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